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To get matching touch up paint for your 2012 Audi S5 you need to know the color code.
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Chip Color Code Color Description
3W Tiefgruen Pearl
5N Sprint Blue Pearl
5N5N Sprint Blue Pearl
5NPA Sprint Blue Pearl
5NPB Sprint Blue Pearl
8A8A Deep Sea Blue Pearl
8APA Deep Sea Blue Pearl
8APB Deep Sea Blue Pearl
9C9C Garnet Red Pearl
9CPA Garnet Red Pearl
A2A2 Brilliant Black
A2PA Brilliant Black
A2SF Brilliant Black
C8C8 Brilliant Red
C8PA Brilliant Red
L8 Phantom Black Pearl
L8L8 Phantom Black Pearl
L8PA Phantom Black Pearl
L8SF Phantom Black Pearl
LX7W Ice Silver Metallic
LY3J Brilliant Red
LY7G Quartz Gray Metallic
LY9B Brilliant Black
LY9C Ibis White
LZ3F Garnet Red Pearl
LZ5A Deep Sea Blue Pearl
LZ5F Sprint Blue Pearl
LZ6E Tiefgruen Pearl
LZ7H Meteor Gray Pearl
LZ9Y Phantom Black Pearl
P5 Ice Silver Metallic
P5P5 Ice Silver Metallic
P5PA Ice Silver Metallic
P5SF Ice Silver Metallic
Q4 Quartz Gray Metallic
Q4PA Quartz Gray Metallic
Q4Q4 Quartz Gray Metallic
Q4SF Quartz Gray Metallic
T9 Ibis White
T9PA Ibis White
T9PW Ibis White
T9SF Ibis White
T9T9 Ibis White
X5 Meteor Gray Pearl
X5PA Meteor Gray Pearl
X5SF Meteor Gray Pearl
X5X5 Meteor Gray Pearl
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How To Retouch Blemished Audi Paint for Your 2012 Audi S5 with Touchup Paint

If you ese these Audi tips and paint repair guidelines, you can make your Audi paint look like new again!.

Mend Any Rusted Spots Before Applying Audi Touch Up Paint

Clear away all appearance of rust from your Audi S5 with one hundred eighty grit sandpaper or a wire brush. Use three hundred twenty sandpaper to get rid of any scratches due to the sandpaper.

Primer can restore any scratches from sandpaper.

If you happen to have rust in the area you are working on then employ a rust converter and administer it to the rusted area of your Audi.

Prepare Your Audi S5 Beforehand for Touch Up Paint

You want clear and clean working conditions before using any touch up paint.

If you are working outside the temperature should be warm and at least fifty degrees.

Clean the dinged paint on your Audi S5 with a clean cloth, soap and water to remove dirt and anything else you do not want to be embedded in the paint of your car.

Use a grease and wax remover on the area to reduce any hard to remove residue.

Placing painters or making tape around your cracked Audi paint will help protect the surrounding auto paint from your work.

Use Clearcoat After Applying Audi Touch Up Paint

To aid shield your fixed Audi paint with clearcoat

Make sure the Audi touch up paint you administered has dried.

Then apply two to three coats of clearcoat by using a gentle dabbing motion waiting about fifteen minutes between each different application. Be very gentle with the paintbrush because you do not want to disrupt the touch up paint.

Clearcoat will be dry in a couple hours, but should be fully dry overnight.

Make Sure You Use Primer Before Using Paint on Your Audi S5

If you have any unpainted surface on your Audi S5, like plastic or bare metal, use some primer before applying Audi touch up car paint

The original step for the primer is to apply different thin coats to the Audi paint you are about to repair. Only a small volume of primer needs to be employed to your Audi.

Allow the primer to entirely dry. If required, overnight, before beginningapplying the Audi touch up car paint.

After the primer has been allowed to dry sparingly sand the primed Audi paint location with one hundred eighty grit sandpaper followed by six hundred wet and dry sandpaper.

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